Core Elements Of Sales


Every author or experienced sales person has his/her way of explaining, elaborating sales. I am a Business Graduate, not that an excellent writer. But I will try my level best at explaining “Core Elements Of Sales”.

Let us start by understanding the word ELEMENT
ELEMENT can be defined as an essential part or characteristics or component or ingredients of something.

Don’t get confused with “Principles Of Sales” those are completely different. I have already written an article on it [LINK] you can click and read about it.

Basically there are 4 Elements of sales

  1. Know your buyer
  2. Understand the deal
  3. Effective presentation
  4. Closing the deal

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The Five Principles Of Sales


Sales has many differences. Whether it’s selling different products to different industries that have different types of customers and different types of processes. There are often a lot of variables that change in each sales role out there. It can be hard comparing someone selling used cars for example to someone selling property, or comparing someone selling insurance to someone selling corporate software.
That being said, there are principles of sales that don’t change.Principles that remain the same as the process of selling something to someone. Understanding those basic principles can then help you master to core of selling and develop skills that can be used to sell anything to anyone.
Here I’m going to break down the 5 basic principles of selling:

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A Funny Way Of Learning Marketing




A Professor explaining Marketing to MBA students:)

1. You see Gorgeous Girl in a Party, you go to her & say I am Rich; Marry me That’s “Direct Marketing”.

2. You attend a Party & your Friend goes to a Girl & pointing at you & telling her, He is very Rich, marry him, That’s “Advertising”.

3. Girl walks to you & says u are Rich, can u Marry me? That’s “Brand Recognition”

4. You say I m very Rich marry me & she slaps u That’s “Customer Feedback”

5. You say I m very Rich marry me & she introduces you to her Husband That’s “Demand & Supply Gap”

6. Before you say I m Rich, marry me, your Wife arrives That’s “Restriction from Entering New Market”

Facebook’s new Marketing strategy


A Yahoo source reached us the other day to say this about Facebook:
“There’s a story brewing about a next very big business it’s building—one that competes with one of Yahoo’s flagship ad products and would kill us.”
Yahoo is one of the biggest ad sellers on the Web, with $5 billion in annual revenue.

If a big portion of that money moved to Facebook, that’d be big news.

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