Mobile Phones Collector In China


Mobile crazy: Meet the man who may have the biggest phone collection in China
50-year-old Li Qinglin has spent 20 years collecting nearly 3000 mobile phones in Changchun, Northeast China’s Jilin Province
Since 1998, Li got his first mobile phone, a Motorola 8800. Since then, he has not been able to stop himself from buying the latest models of as many brands as he can find.
Li owns nearly all of the mobiles sold in China since the 1980s. Some handsets in his collection can fetch a high price among other mobile phone aficionados.
Li said “I hope someday I can have a museum to show these mobile phones to people. These mobile phones witnessed the development of personal communication in China and the change in mobile technology from the first analogue generation to 3G and 4G.”

Honor 8: 9 Things Honor 8 Can Do, Which iPhone 7 Can’t 


So, wedding bells are ringing. It is your D-day. Would you still go for a pricey Manish Malhotra gown breaking all your year’s savings or be wise enough to go for an equally stunning trousseau sans the label spending just half the former’s price?

To the wiser lot, the answer is crystal clear. But if you are still in two minds, here’s an eye-opener:

Phone freaks are asking ‘Why Honor 8?’ while there are many flagship killers around. And it’s high time, without beating around the bush, we told you why.

We will draw a parallel with none other than the Big Daddy, that is Apple iPhone 7.

To cut it short, here are 9 things that Honor 8 can do which an iPhone 7 can’t:

Playing music through 3.5 mm headphone jack

You don’t need to buy an extra pair of Bluetooth headphones. With headphones carrying a traditional 3.5mm pin it allows you to listen to your most-loved music tracks. With iPhone 7, you can’t charge your phone while listening to music 😦

Pro Mode for shooting videos 

Honor 8’s dual-lens camera features Pro Mode which gives you full manual control of focus, W/B, ISO and shutter speed. You have been using Pro Mode for still images, now, get ready for Pro Videos too.

Expanding memory support

Our world is such a happening place that we need more storage to store and save all good things and memories. With Honor 8, you can expand the built-in 32GB memory by up to 128GB via microSD card. iPhone 7 doesn’t give you that.

Making a faster autofocus

Honor 8 leverages Laser Autofocus technology that will capture all your precious moments. The camera focuses faster and wastes no time in capturing an image. Apple iPhone 7 lacks a laser autofocus technology.

Enriching your multimedia viewing experience

Honor 8 outshines the iPhone 7 when it comes to display. It’s 5.2-inch IPS display delivers 1080×1920 pixels at an impressive 423 ppi, which defeats the 4.7-inch HD display on Apple iPhone offering 1,334 x 720 pixels at 326ppi.

Ensuring multitasking

Powered by 4GB RAM Honor 8 handles multiple applications at the same time and nothing takes the wind out of it.

Giving better images in low-light conditions

Apple iPhone 7 has a mono 12MP camera at the back with f/1.8 aperture. On the other hand, Honor 8 comes with two 12MP Sony sensors with f/2.2 apertures and 1.25 µm pixel sizes. One of them is a traditional RGB sensor that records color information, while the second is a monochrome sensor that measures brightness. After each shot, Honor 8’s software combines the two images into a single image, which gives a better result even in low-light conditions.

Clicking images through fingerprint sensor

Honor 8 has a smarter fingerprint Sensor unlike iPhone 7. It not just unlocks the handset, but also clicks images, displays notification panel, dismisses an alarm and accepts an incoming phone call.

Browsing gallery through fingerprint sensor

And you can browse gallery with it too:)

On the other hand, what is still a pain for me is the lack of a Back button on iPhone. It just gets on my nerves. And to note, iPhone 7 burns a big hole in your pocket, while Honor 8, priced at Rs 29,999, comes at just half of the former’s cost

Now, returning to the important question ‘Would you still go for a pricey Manish Malhotra gown breaking all your year’s savings or be wise enough to go for an equally stunning trousseau sans the label, spending half the former’s price?You got the drift, right! 

Various Smartphone Sensors and What Do They Do



Move it in any direction and data from this sensor will spike, but leave it still and it will go flat.Apps use this data to tell if a phone is in portrait or landscape orientation, if its screen is facing up- or downward.


The gyroscope is a sensor that can provide orientation information as well,  It is also used by Google’s Sky Map for telling what constellation you’re pointing a phone at.


The magnetometer. Yup, it is able to detect magnetic fields. The magnetometer is one of the sensors that compass applications use to point at the planet’s north pole. Apps made to detect metal use this sensor as well.


The proximity sensor, which is comprised of an infrared LED and an IR light detector. It is placed near the earpiece of a phone, and for a good reason – when you place the handset up to your ear, the sensor lets the system know that you’re most probably in a call and that the screen has to be turned off. The sensor works by shining a beam of invisible to humans infrared light which is reflected from a nearby object and picked up by the IR detector.


When ambient light is plentiful, the screen’s brightness is pumped up, and when it is dark, the display is dimmed down.n fact, the Adapt Display feature uses this data to fine tune image representation.


Is a sensor that can measure atmospheric pressure. Data measured by it is used to determine how high the device is above sea level, which in turn results in improved GPS accuracy.


The mometer for measuring ambient temperaturethey’re used to monitor the temperature inside the device and its battery. If a component is detected to be overheating, the system shuts itself down to prevent damage.


Data provided by it was used in the S Health application to tell whether or not the user was in their “Comfort Zone” – one with optimal air temperature and humidity.


It is a sensor used for counting the number of steps that the user has taken. Such data is usually obtained by the device’s Accelerometer.


It is made to measure one’s pulse, and it does that by detecting the minute pulsations of the blood vessels inside one’s finger.


Fingerprint scanners are most often used as an extra layer of security – as a substitute for a lock screen password.


The Sharp Pantone 5. Released only in Japan, it features a dedicated button which launches an app used to measure the current radiation level in the area.

Top Five Smartphone Brands In India


Chinese manufacturer Oppo is now the fourth biggest phone maker in the world thanks to record sales in the first quarter of 2016.

Oppo begun making phones in 2008. The company released the Oppo F1 in the first quarter of 2016, a phone we gave four stars, and quickly followed it up with the Oppo F1 Plus.

It’s no surprise the company has found success by combining high-end spec with low prices, and has found a big market within its home territory of China.

Samsung is still the number one phone manufacturer in the world with Apple and Huawei in second and third place respectively, while fifth place is taken by Chinese manufacturer Vivo.

The other 42% of the market is shared by other manufacturers such as Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Microsoft, Lenovo and others.

Oppo sold 18.5 million phones in the first three months of 2016 – that’s 153% up on last year.

Samsung’s Double Standard Towards Indian


Samsung_wordmarkTo start with, we have a lot of certified reviews about its Galaxy Smartphones and before I start I have a disclaimer, I have not purchased and Galaxy Smartphone but had used them for many hours, as I am a Mobile Technician and also worked in Samsung Service Center (Mobiles). I was a fan of Samsung Galaxy S and Note series.

Samsung’s Double Standards towards Indians is nothing new, most of the existing users knows it. It all started with the Samsung Galaxy S3 which was undoubtedly the best seller in India back then, which was launched with a different chipset and packing with just 1GB of RAM compared to 2GB in other countries. They followed the same racist tradition with the Samsung Galaxy S4 bringing in an another stripped down version of the flagship, which even then managed to ship millions. This is where the problem lies, we Indians (not everyone though) are obsessed with branding and do whatever it takes to get an Samsung or an Apple or at least a Sony, provided, if we have the resources.

How many of us will consider buying a Micromax, Xolo, Xiaomi, Gionee, Oppo if we have 40k as our budget.? I bet nobody!!! This is what Samsung and other OEM’s exploit. In China which is another huge market for Samsung, they release special edition dual sim variants of flagships with snapdragon exclusively for Chinese, why not in India? Its because in China have a huge sentiments toward home grown Chinese brands, and I’m sure that not even a single piece of this crap with Exynos powering them will ever sale if they don’t have the competitive edge.

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Did you lost your Phone? Get it back


If u lose your mobile in India,
                     you can get it back.

Nowadays each one of us
carries very high end or latest
Mobile devices which always
Fears that it may be stolen.

Each mobile carries a unique
IMEI no. i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity No which
can be used to track your
mobile anywhere in the world.

This is how it works!!

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Why 2015 Is Best Year For Smartphone Lovers


2015 will be a awesome year for Smartphone Users, especially for Android Users. First of all there will be 64-bit processor in every mid-range and flagships. Secondly Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Huawei, etc. will be ruling the market, as the consumers are preferring a total value for money over brands. People wont be considering iOS & Windows most likely except for blind followers of Apple.

We all know about the 41 MP Camera sensor which made its debut few years back on Nokia 808 Pureview and on Nokia Lumia 1020, since then its out of picture, but Pureview Technology followed in many other Lumia Smartphones. But now in 2015 we will see not only Pureview but also 41 MP Sensor on Android, this time it won’t be Nokia branded nor Microsoft but coming from top Chinese manufacturer Meizu. Meizu MX5 to sport 2K Display, Nokia’s 41 MP camera, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 a 64-bit processor along with Adreno 430 GPU and 4 Gigs of RAM.

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