Sleeping Dogs



People Say Nobody Make Open-World Games Like Rockstar With Titles Like The GTA Series And Red Dead Redemption And Ubisoft With Titles Like Assassin’s Creed And Hitman, You’d Probably Nodding Your Head In Affirmation. However, There’s A New Kind In Town When It Comes To The Sandbox Genre: SLEEPING DOGS By SQUARE ENIX Before I Get Down To The Details Of The Game, Let’s Just Get One Thing Out Of The Way This Game Is Absolutely Magnificent. Even With The Few Shortcomings It Has, It Still Manages To Be Outright Fun, And That’s Quite An Achievement.

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Grand Theft Auto 5



This is the games which people are waiting for…
People just don’t want the same and same GTA GAMEPLAY anymore. Rockstar should come up with new features.

If you have played SLEEPING DOGS, you would have noticed there are no differences between it and GTA apart from Martial Arts at large.

Here is the list of Features which people demand:
1: Co-Op Gameplay on both Online and LAN.
2: Martial Arts, Execution Styles, Realistic Blood.
3: Make more Buildings that are Accessible to Enter.
4: There are people who play game for FUN, so adding parachute, jetpack, etc will be well good.
5: People likes to roam within the city, so no more locked streets, all the area should be unlocked or available from the beginning.
6: Add more places wherein we can do stunts, bmx, etc.
7: Adding Teammates will be good and more fun than ever, just like Saint Row The Third.

I am Alive [PC Game]


Ubisoft launched a survival game, a game which teaches you plenty of things, things like proper utilization of resources be it food, weapons & ammunition, medic, etc. This game also shows us how greedy people are, when they find no food, they kill one another and eat human flesh, the weaker once die, the stronger kill them.
Our role in the game is to find his wife & daughter and get out alive, other things we can do is save some innocent people.
The game is 3rd person shooter, the player doesn’t have any great skills, he is just a common man like you and me, who can handle some weapons. It gives you a real life experience.
As for the people who play game for fun you can download the trainer its available, because you have very very limited ammo, medic, etc. As I said earlier, this game is about survival, so survival is a situation where you have limited resources.