Signs Of Jinn Being In Your House


1) Disturbing the electricity:    Muhammad (saw) said, “The jinn will play with the flame.”
2) Seeing small stones being thrown inside the house and the doors are closed
3) Moving objects
4) When plates are dropped from the hands of people or doors slamming:
Muhammad (saw) said, “If you hear the dog barking or the donkey braying in the night time do not go out of your house shut the door in the name of Allah (bismillah) cover the plates and the glasses.”
5) Things being stolen from the house to cause fitnah: 
Something was stolen from the prophets house and Jibreel told him to seek refuge in Allah as the jinn were trying to cause fitnah between him and his wives. 
6) Burning in the house
7) Strange sounds or voices in the home
8) Strong wind in the home and the windows and doors are closed
9) Whispering or moving of the tree in the home
That is the voice of the jinn.
10) Footsteps going upstairs and downstairs regularly and there is noone there
 11) Hearing voiimages the people in the household and there is no one there
 12) Seeing snakes, cats, or strange animals in the house
 The jinn could take the form of a spider or ant or lizard, but not a mouse.
If you see an animal say, “Bismillahirahman arraheem three times and if it does not leave kill it because it is the shaytan.”
13) Strange human beings in the house
Top half human with strange legs, or part animal.
14) Different colour steam in the home on the windows and glass
15) The feeling of someone following you
16) The household waking up regularly with nightmares especially the children
If that happens say, “Bismillahirahman arraheem read the three quls and after each one say the dua: “Audhu bikalimatillahi at taamati min ghadabi wa iqaabihi wa min sharri ibaadihi wa min hazama ushayateen wa am yahdiroun.”  And blow on the hands and spread on the face and body.”
17) A lot of arguing in the home and hatred among the family members
 18) Miscarriages among the women of the household
 19) Smelling burning matches, or shivering or your hair is standing on its end     That is where the jinn is probably sitting.
20) When you look to the wall and see quick visions/images.
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My Journey From Nokia To vivo


Hello readers, I am Muhammad Shahid Deshnoor. I am a techy geek, I love technology, hence I thought of starting my career in technical field.

I started my career with Nokia, I worked as a technician in Nokia Priority Dealers in Belgaum, my home town. I am not a good writer, hence you must ignore my grammatical errors.

In Nokia, I learned lot of stuff

  • How to attend customer?
  • How to satisfy their needs?
  • How to clarify their doubt, and educate them on the products & services?
  • How to build relationship and so on…?

I resigned my job, as I wanted to complete my graduation. I was gone for a long period of time. Enjoyed my college life, became good photographer, a top online gamer and a technical advisor for family and friends. Anybody wants to by any electronic device be it TV, music system, computer, laptop, mobile, etc. I was the one whom they would ask first.

Later I joined Samsung Service Center in Belgaum after a very long time, there I was the software engineer. I use to fix any software related stuff, be it bootloop, soft-bricked, etc. The easiest part was just upgrading the firmware because the phone was hanging a lot, had hanging issues. The hardest part was, pissed customers; no matter what you do, some devices were not meant to be fixed. They had issues until they were replaced by their successor. I hope you guys be knowing which models I am talking about. I wasn’t satisfied here, so ultimately I resigned. And I started freelancing, I use to fix phones, edit photos and videos, use to design business cards, etc.

The year 2015 was tough, I lost my father; who was the whole and sole earner for the family. Whereas me, I use to work for my own expenses, to buy new gadgets, games, etc. After my father’s death, the whole responsibility came unto my shoulders. Then I started hunting for jobs, as the income I use to earn from freelancing was not fixed. Sometimes I use to earn in 5 digits and some time to 3-4 digits and sometime none. I use to adjust as it was for my own expenses. I cannot risk that with my family. A family needs constant finance for basic needs.

While I was hunting for jobs, I started recollecting my memories, on whom I did favors. I contacted them and asked them about job availabilities. Finally the day arrives, I joined in Samsung as a promoter and distributor’s payroll. I core job was to sale Samsung phones, be it Galaxy smartphones or featured phones and tablets also included.

When I worked in Nokia, I was in a showroom. and it was long time ago. There we hardly had any competition. That time Nokia was a synonym for mobiles. When I started working in Samsung, what I noticed was huge competition between brands. That time it was Samsung Vs Sony, HTC, LG, Micromax, Lava, Xolo, Intex, Panasonic, Lenovo, Nokia and the list goes on… Then I saw one guy who came to store to introduce vivo. We all laughed, one more chinese brand. I worked for about 15 days in a store, and the retailer said: “This guy is not suitable for the job”. And I was shuffled to another shop which was opened just yesterday. There I worked for a week and same thing repeated and they removed me, saying “You don’t fit”.

I was really upset, didn’t knew what to do, whom to contact. After so much of discussion with friends, they gave me a number of a person, I met him and he gave me another person’s number who gave me appointed in LG as a Sales Promoter. Ultimately, new job, new company and new shop.

There I started my career, I already had experience of almost 20+ days (15 days in one shop and about a week in another) I utilized those and started my job as a twenty years experienced guy. The first thing I did was building relationship with the retailer and store staff. Made friendly relationship, and I was in. I worked in LG for about 3 months and LG was gone forever from my region and once again I was jobless. Then I heard vivo was hiring. For me it was like vivo???? Then I thought something is always better than nothing. I met the ASM of vivo, who happened to be my colleague from Nokia and a good friend. He hired me on the spot. And I joined vivo in the same shop, where I was working with LG.

I had been a vivo brand advisor (VBA) for about 6 month, and because for my technical knowledge I was selected as a Trainer for VBA’s. I went to Bangalore and took the promotion. When I came back to Belgaum, I visited the shop where I worked for 15 days in Samsung and the retailer said “I am not suitable”. When I met him once again as a Trainer he was shocked. Whatever happens, happens for good. If I was in that shop, I would have not got this recognition and this position where I am today. And this is the same brand; me and my colleagues laughed when it was introduced, while I was working there in Samsung.

I continued working for vivo for a long-time as a Route Trainer. As human we are bound to do mistakes. Doing mistakes what makes as humans. One day I got offer from Huawei, and the salary they were offering were doubled what I was earning in vivo. So I resigned, and joined Huawei. I regret every time, why I left vivo. In vivo there is a saying “WE ARE FAMILY” “We are vivo family”. That family feeling was not there in Huawei. So I resigned Huawei.

The person who did lot of favor on me when I was in vivo, I met him in Belgaum luck by chance. And he was my training manager. When I resigned he was really very pissed on me. You know there’s a saying “Time heels everything”. Over the period of time we became good friends once again. And I asked him, can I come back….. He said “need to talk to lot of people, once gone from vivo, no coming back”. Just because of him, they made an exception in my case and I am back in vivo again.

When vivo says “We are family” believe me, they meant it.

And this is my journey from Nokia to vivo….

Love India, Love vivo!

Which Service Provider To Choose? Airtel, Vodafone, Idea or Jio! 


1. Reliance Jio
  • Jio Prime is Rs 99/year. You can get a plan worth Rs 303/28 days for 1GB/Day 4G data and unlimited local and STD calls.
  • Plan worth Rs 499/28 Days for 2GB/Day 4G data and unlimited local and STD calls.
  • Hotspot facility limited to only one device.

2. Airtel
  • A Rs 345/28 days plan that offers 1GB 4G data per day and unlimited local and STD calls (FUP of 300/day and 1200/week).
  • Only 500MB of that data can be used in the day, the other 500MB will be accessible only during 3-5am at night.
  • You can recharge the same pack for 11 months from the date of recharge.

3. Vodafone

Tech facts live

Tech facts live
  • A Rs 356/28 days plan that offers 2GB 4G data per day and unlimited local and STD calls.
  • Only 1GB of that data can be used in the day, the other 1GB will be accessible only during 3-5am at night.
  • You can also recharge the same pack for 11 months from the date of recharge.

4. Idea


  • A Rs 348/28 days plan that offers 1GB 4G data a day with unlimited local and STD calls.
  • Not applicable to all customers; only select customers can avail the offer through the MyIdea app.

Android Secret Codes


The most common Android codes that I could find are:


Open your dialer and type in the following *#*#7780#*#*. Another way is to open up settings and click on Restore > Factory Reset.


You can reinstall your device’s firmware with ease by typing in *2767*3855#. Ultimately, you can also use a third party software on your computer to connect your phone and install new firmware modules.


This is commonly used for testers and android programmers. Activate your Testing Services Mode by typing *#*#*#*#197328640 into your dialer. Once you’ve done this, open the settings page to find the new Testing Menu.


Like most programmers, I often want to see the type of camera on the phone. Type in *#*#34971539#*#*.


Believe it or not, you can create backups of your media files by using the phone’s dialer. Simply type *#*#*273 283 255* 663 282*#*#*.


“Spy onto them, as they spy onto us” – line from the 90’s movie “Hackers.” Yes, Google is spying on you. So, let’s open up that monitoring service by typing in *#*#8255#*#*. From there you’ll soon find out what data Google really has on you.


While the top-right part of your screen displays the battery status, you can also see more information by typing in *#0228#.


What type of encryption is your phone carrier using to protect you? You can see the encryption type your phone is using by entering *#32489#.


Everyone who owns a mobile device is often curious as to how much data they really have used. Most times, it seems the phone bill comes in saying you used X amount of data, and you’re sure you didn’t. Put the phone company to the test: simply type in *# 3282 * 727 336*#.


This may not work on all devices, but you can test out your 3D settings by typing in 3845 #*920#. This will show you if your devices are capable of rendering 3D modules.


You can easily check the status of your Wireless Lan network settings by typing in 526#*#*#*#* or 528#*#*#*#*.


You can perform a full GPS test to see how accurate your GPS settings are. GPS isn’t always 100% dead on target. Just run the test *#*#1575#*#* to see how well your GPS is actually working for you.


Ever wondered why your Bluetooth settings are dropping connections? Maybe you can’t connect as quickly as you once could? Test out your Bluetooth for potential issues, and to see what type of Bluetooth hardware you’re using. Simply type *#*#232331#*#* into the dialer pad.


If you wanted to look at your device’s firmware to see the type of software used, type *#*#1111#*#*.


Now that you have your software information, find out what it’s running on. Type in *#*#2222#*#*.


View the settings configurations of your diagnostic testing by typing in *#9090#.

Mobile Phones Collector In China


Mobile crazy: Meet the man who may have the biggest phone collection in China
50-year-old Li Qinglin has spent 20 years collecting nearly 3000 mobile phones in Changchun, Northeast China’s Jilin Province
Since 1998, Li got his first mobile phone, a Motorola 8800. Since then, he has not been able to stop himself from buying the latest models of as many brands as he can find.
Li owns nearly all of the mobiles sold in China since the 1980s. Some handsets in his collection can fetch a high price among other mobile phone aficionados.
Li said “I hope someday I can have a museum to show these mobile phones to people. These mobile phones witnessed the development of personal communication in China and the change in mobile technology from the first analogue generation to 3G and 4G.”

Mindblowing Facts About Honor Holly 3


Honor - For The Brave

The successor of the Holly 2 Plus smartphone sports a 5.5-inch HD (1280x720p) display upfront and 3D textured back to the rear which is absolutely spot on. Priced at Rs 9,999 , the lower mid-range smartphone takes on its phablet competitors. But there are many more things about it that sets it apart from the rest. Here are some top secrets:

Holly 3.pngAbout Camera:

  • For the 8MP front shooter: Beauty algorithm with 10 levels of adjustable settings for skin perfection with just one tap; video retouching also supported.
  • For the 13MP rear camera: F2.0 wide aperture, 28 mm pantoscopic lens for a wider field of view, 7 cm macro mode to capture the finest detail.
  • Image sharpness algorithms achieve up to 2,100-line resolution so that even amateurs can take great photos with ease.
  • Five precision lenses with a blue glass IR filter to capture clear and sharp lights at night.


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Honor 8: 8 Secrets Of The Epic Glass


Honor - For The Brave

Honor 8 looks like a dream! Hats off to the world-class glass design. But did you know what makes it epic? ONLY we have the trade secrets. Read on…

There are 8 secrets to it. Here is a lowdown:

Ink-printing layers: There are 4-6 Ink-printing (also called Silkscreen) layers in Honor 8 that enhance the ID color and laminating effects.

Optical coating: Multiple layers (4) of titanium silicon elements with optical coating (OPVD) have been used to increase optical grating to bring out ID colors and lighting effects. There is an additional layer for better colour perception. It ensures increased optical transmission. There is also a reflective coating which enhances lighting effect and 3D grating texture.

3D grating texture: This has a light production layer which fashion the concepts of chaning, docking and touching aurora. High-accuracy 3D grating texture forms a transparent 3D UV layer (similar to multiple prism lines)…

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