Smartphone Cameras Can Never Ever Replace DSLRs


Every year it’s the same story, a new flagship smartphone is announced and it comes with boasting specs and an incredible camera followed by DxOMark points and tons of reviews on how good the camera is. The fans will always defend the smartphone brand no matter what. This goes on and on forever; it’s an unending debate worldwide.

I have been a phonographer (the one who takes photos with phone camera) all my life. I can’t deny the fact that I have taken more photos on my phones than on any dedicated camera. All the photos that I have taken are posted on this blog, also on my Facebook and Instagram. I have taken those with Nokia N79, Nokia 808 Pureview, Sony Xperia P and iPhone SE as far as smartphones are concerned.

See full-size photos taken by me on Flickr

We all know what Google did with its Pixel 2/XL and Samsung with its S9/S9+. Bokeh and Variable Aperture was only possible with dedicated cameras. Smartphone cameras have aged well and in the future, we will see more new features. Expecting a lot from HMD Global, what Nokia did back then taking risks with camera phones like N8, 808 and Lumia 1020.

All the photos we take on the smartphone will either land up on Facebook or Instagram or somewhere on our storage. If you think your current handset is great and can give the actual camera a run for its money, then you are wrong my friend. You just can’t defy physics.

We all carry our smartphone with us all the time, it is easy to capture the moment on a smartphone camera as easy as seeing. Carrying a DSLR adds an extra weight and all those lenses which makes the mess. Changing lenses, navigating through the menu is the pain in the a**. I do agree the DSLR needs a lot of improvement in software department and all-in-one lens that does the job done for most people.

Where do DSLR, Mirrorless, and other dedicated cameras shines?

  1. Sensor Size – be it any scenario, the larger sensor always outperforms the smaller one.
  2. AF-Points – tracking moving object is very difficult. But when you have more AF-Points you can freeze them
  3. Zoom – having a zoom is time-saving, knowing that you can zoom towards the moon as if you are seeing it from ISS is a good feeling and don’t forget spying
  4. Lenses – having dedicated lenses for each occasion is just fabulous
  5. Viewfinder – this is the best way to frame the subject or scene
  6. Manual Control – nowadays smartphones also have manual control but it’s just not like a dedicated camera

Let me know if I have missed any points, feel free to comment.


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