Why Nokia Is Reviving Old Phones?


Nokia, once a brand name which was a synonym for mobile phone lost its charm to the wind of iOS and Android. Not so long ago, it was resurrected by HMD Global. If you are following Nokia, you will know that it is reviving old Nokia phones. First, they revived the classic Nokia 3310 as known as The Brick Phone (I call it Mjolnir “Thor’s Hammer”) and now the Banana Phone Nokia 8110 which was popularised by the Hollywood Movie “The Matrix”. The question is WHY NOKIA IS REVIVING OLD PHONES?


The first reason I can think about is ATTENTION. People still love the Nokia brand, they are somehow emotionally attached to the brand. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are going to use the phone, but they will still purchase it and Nokia knows that. This makes perfect sense, knowing your customers is the key to success.

The second-best reason is FORGETTING THE PAST (History). Nokia + Microsoft = FAIL, we all know that. It wasn’t the OS that sucks, but it was the app store. The success of any OS is how many apps it has to offer to make our day to day task easy. SYMBIAN OS was far better during its time, it was the mother of all the OS and this is what made it successful back then. I still own the last SYMBIAN phone; the legendary NOKIA 808 PUREVIEW. Nokia is now going on PURE ANDROID EXPERIENCE “Android One”, they have embraced the Android Brand and even sold more Android phones than Google. In other words, Nokia is saying “Microsoft days are over and we are all into Google now”.

And the last reason is MAKING PHONES WHICH EVERYONE WANTS TO USE. Just like the good old days, giving good software support and legendary Nokia’s built quality is what people expect and Nokia delivers. Their partnership is ZEISS what made them the best camera phone back then is going to continue in this era as well. And I am expecting bigger sensor like Nokia N8, Nokia 808 Pureview and Nokia Lumia 1020.

Two old phones which I would love to see them

  1. Nokia Communicator
  2. Nokia 6600

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