The Next Big Thing Camera Industry Needs


Photography is a passion, everyone loves to share their photos, be it family, vacation, friends, landscapes, wildlife, sports, etc. we love photographing everything we see. There was a time when people use to buy the compact consumer graded cameras for their daily dose of photography, but slowly over the period this faded away. This consumer graded compact cameras are dead now, nobody wants to buy them now. With INSTAGRAM being the world’s largest photography platform, makes it a benchmark and being a smartphone oriented makes it even more dangerous for camera industry. YOUTUBE being the largest video library, and FACEBOOK being a hybrid of both Instagram and YouTube. There will come a time when Facebook will become a tough competitor.

The camera industry must come up with something more creative and innovative approach. I am clicking more picture on my iPhone than on DSLR. People still love the idea of a compact camera, but value for money, performance and features make it a challenge. Smartphones can produce outstanding images, be it the quality, depth of field, performance, 1080p 60fps, slow-mo, 4K video recording and lastly dedicated apps for doing creativity. The only thing they lack is the sensor size and zoom lens.

The smartphones are not just eating up consumer graded camera, to some extend they are also eating up DSLRs. There is a whole new breed of photographers who are enthusiast about photography, they want a dedicated camera for their needs.

For camera industry to capture back the market share which they have lost to smartphones, they must come up with new ideas. These are some ideas which I think can bring a revolution in the industry.

Touch Screen & Touch UI: It’s been a decade since the first iPhone was released. People went crazy for it, and the touch screen became a benchmark in mobile industry.

New OS: The success of Apple, Samsung, etc. was because of the OS. I think Android can be used as on OS on cameras too, if not then now it is a good time to develop one. Do you remember what Magical Lantern did with Canon 5D Mark II? The hardware is capable to do miracles, but the default software doesn’t know how to do it.

Firmware Updates: People hate going to service centres just to update their camera, secondly not every photographer is a geek who can update via PC/Laptop. OTA is the best option.

App Store: The fall of Nokia wasn’t iOS or Android it was indeed the app store. People need dedicated apps for their needs, they love to try new apps. A third-party developer may make a platform which can replace Instagram in the future.

Live Broadcasting: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. supporting live video recording/broadcasting, this is the feature which all the cameras must have inbuilt, say no to adaptor or external accessories. People love to broadcast live events, seminars, vacation, etc. In simple term make it social media ready.

YouTube Kit: With YouTube’s popularity, there are plenty of new comers, they just can’t keep on browsing Amazon for all their gears, they need everything in one go. They need a camera that supports at least 1080p 60fps, headphone and microphone jack, a software to edit those videos mostly for free, lastly a suggested set of other accessories like studio lighting, tripods, etc.

Not too many confusing lens options: I own a bridge camera Nikon P900 and I use it more than my DSLR when I am outdoor, I hate changing the lens and spending more bucks on more and more lens.

USB Charging: All the cameras should have USB charging option, if possible fast charging with Type-C. Micro USB will do just fine.

Social Media: Should have ability to share photos and video taken by the camera directly onto Facebook, Instagram, etc. Though Instagram is smartphone oriented, I don’t whether you should tie up with them or make a new platform. The choice is yours.

Easy File Transfer: Make it simple, nobody loves taking out the memory card, inserting it into a card reader and then copying on the PC/laptop. Wireless transfer like Bluetooth, a shareit like feature, cloud would be best option.

Internal Memory: Expandable memory option is a good thing, but people will love even an 16GB internal memory.

Camera Mirroring: We all have smart TV’s at home, hence we should have a wireless option of seeing the photos and video instantly.

OTG: I think most of the people own the 2-in-1 pen drive, and who doesn’t love to transfer files on the go, plug an USB drive on the camera, transfer the files to it and ready to share.

Today’s generation is learning photography from their childhood. Every child has access to consumer grade camera that are our smartphone, you must do something to take them to next level. Stop behaving like a hardware company, else you will be the next Nokia. It’s time to act like a software company. Just to get some new feature, I don’t want to buy a new camera. Apple’s iPhone 5S has got the latest iOS 11 and people are still using it and this makes them loyal to the brand.

If I have bought a camera for ₹60k or more I am not going to spend another ₹60k for a minor upgrade. I will only spend another ₹60k or more if it’s a major upgrade, completely new piece of technology.

Lastly Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and other you guys lacks in marketing. You guys are unable to create hype, unable to show what that camera or feature can do. You just don’t need advertisements on TV, who watches TV in today world. The world is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. they are free and you need to pay only if you want more audience.


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