Reasons Why Your Best Employees Quit


There are several reasons why the employees quit, I will not be talking about all the reasons but the most common once. I too work at a managerial level as a Route Trainer, people often discuss with me why they quit or changed their job. Here I will be summarizing most of the reason.

Studies have shown that when an employee leaves, it is most often because of the manager. Nothing burns an employee worse than a lack of recognition; (same thing happened and happening with me too). You as a manager may not have enough budget to give your employees a raise they deserve. You do not have a budget limitation on “THANK YOU” and “APPRECIATION”.

In major cases when an employee quits, it is the manager who is to be blamed, but who gets the blamed is a different story.

Let’s look at an example:

Three workers are working, breaking stones. Some stranger notes one of them is very unhappy, another is okay and the third one is very happy. Noting them made him curious, so he asks each one. The first one (unhappy one) says: “It’s a hot day, too much work”. The second one (okay one) says: “I am making a good living, I have a family to feed”. The third one (happy one) says: “I am building a temple”.

Make sure you can tell your team what temple they are building. If you can’t make them build a temple someone else will.

Now let us look at some most common reasons why employees quit.

  1. Ineffective Induction Training: Most of the induction programs are ineffective and boring, then how can you expect excellence from your new hires if your orientation program was sloppy? Give them breathing room (honeymoon period), let them learn something on job.
  2. Micromanagement: Tracking every single move of your employee will make them feel unsecure, give some freedom. Don’t keep on shouting for every single mistake or unachieved targets. Always reminding your employees that they are fools, they don’t deserve this job, bla bla bla…
  3. Communication gap: Don’t just give them orders, you need to communicate the good, the bad and the ugly. You as a manager should be a good listener and accept feedback. If you are one of those who only barks, then you will never know what’s going on within your company and you will start losing your employees.
  4. Serious working conditions: Does your company’s bible says, “don’t have fun at work?”. Work without fun is counterproductive. The workplace should be fun, find ways to make the work and the environment more relaxed and fun, and within no time you will find happy employees who look forward to coming to work each day and are more productive.
  5. No recognition: The employees who do excellent are often ignored, and the employees who holds the bucket gets all the appreciation, promotion and raise. One day you will lose all your productive employees to competitors. Always recognise outstanding performers and contributors and reward immediately then this behaviour will be repeated.
  6. Dumb rules: I don’t mean have no rules. Smart employees want to have guidelines and direction but they don’t want some dumb rules that get in their way of doing their jobs. Hiring smart people and making them follow stupid rules will not make any sense. Either the change rules or hire stupid people who follow stupid rules.
  7. Not setting good example: As a manager, it is your core job to be an example for your employees. Taking all the credits for yourself, just sitting in the office with closed door, this is way too wrong. You will surely lose your credibility and later your employees.
  8. Not treating equally: Not all employees are equally good, some are worth more they produce more results and some don’t. The key here is not treating equally but fairly.

This completes all the points as per my knowledge. Don’t forget to mention reasons in comments section below.


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