Basic Selling Skills


When it comes to selling skills, we already have some sort of selling skills as a God’s Gift. Some have better than the other, some learns to enhance their skills through the knowledge and experience they have and some get better by learning from experts or their colleagues.
All our fingers are not the same, so not all the salespersons are the same, everybody has their own sets of skills. As every individual is a different person with different set of skills, here are some basic selling skills which every salesperson should know.

1. Communication Skill

Comunication Skills

Communication skills are the core of selling skills, without this you cannot even start a conversation. You might think communication skills are self-evident, but you need to develop them with time. You just cannot rely on the scripts and communicate with customers effectively, every customer is a different person all together.

2. Active Listening Skills


Now that you are in communication, it is not good to speak for hours and hours. It’s time to listen to the customer. The most important part of effective communication is active listening, this means allowing customers to express their needs, concerns and thoughts to you and then you take steps to address those concerns in your own way. When you listen properly, you can tailor your pitch in a way that will definitely appeal the customer. Listening will also build the trust and thus helps you in closing sales.

3. Objection Handling

Objection Handling

The customers are bombarded with advertisements and pitches at regular basis; you need to know how to convince them that your product or service is worthy of their investments. The key to any objection is to acknowledge that there is one, ignoring the objection and deviating is bad. Having persuasion skills means you can easily turn the negatives into positives, never ever dodge the objections. If you handled the objection properly you have closed the deal.

4. Collaboration Skills

Collaboration Skills

“I not only use all the brains that I have, but all those I can borrow” – Woodrow Wilson

We all have a tendency to think high of our-self, we think we know everything, I can close the deal all alone by myself. You may able to close the deal alone, but with collaboration you could do miracles. Being able to collaborate and learn from other fellow sales representatives can be an invaluable asset as you can develop your career.

There are many ways in which collaboration can aid your growth; you colleague might have dealt with a situation which you’ve yet to be encounter or they may be able to share alternate strategies with you that can improve your overall approach and skill set. Learn, Share and Grow.

5. Comparison and Negotiation


Nowadays we see hardly any monopoly business, product or service. With an increasing amount of competitors vying for customers attention, comparison and negotiation has became an important part of sales. Customers want to know which product is better and value for money, this mean you need to study the features and specifications of your competitors so that you can convert the sales into yours.

What many sales representatives do is they criticize their competitive products, speaks all negatives about it. The customers are very sharp, they will know immediately that you belong to the opposition party, not only that but it will affect your relationship with that competitor sales representative. Your comparison should be in a way in which pleases both the parties. Just prove politely that your product is superior than the other by showing your unique points, you need to come up with points that your product has and hold onto them, cater more on your product’s positives than the negatives of other.

And when negotiating always be ready with your table, do not surrender unnecessarily, a skilled negotiator knows how to find solution that will work for both and results in win-win scenario.


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