Smart People And Stupid Manager, Does That Makes Any Sense?


“It does not make sense to hire smart people and then have them follow stupid rules”. – Oleg Vishnepolsky

We all make mistakes. Mistakes are what makes us Humans. We all do it, admit it.

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit it”.  – Bruce Lee

But there are very few people who learn from their mistakes. Learning from mistakes can lead to higher productivity as a individual and as a team.

Mistakes can be healthy as they can be good indicators of hidden problems, hence leads to applying a solution and that results in higher productivity.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”. – Albert Einstein

You will always find the GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY managers in your career. I have suffered the bad and the ugly; and because of the good I am adjusting with the bad and the ugly.

The bad and the ugly can result in lot of emotional pain and decrease self-esteem, this can also result in leaving the company. I too decided the same but because of the good I am still here, never know when I will quit. I hope I can be assertive enough to hold-on.

The Bad

  • Always mocking
  • I am the boss kind of attitude
  • Always abusing subordinates
  • Very reluctant and a hostile
  • Could do anything to satisfy his/her ego

And this leads to very poor results on his career as well as his team.

  • No mistakes lead to no experience and no experience leads to no wisdom.
  • The world require flexibility, adaptability and rapid change for the company’s future, but this manager is an liability to the company.
  • Most of the experienced, highly skilled employees will leave the company hence resulting in low productivity.

The Ugly

  • He/she has an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • Always want to show-off
  • Take credit for self and manipulates for his gain
  • Lacks empathy: he/she is unwilling to recognize or identify the feelings and needs of others
  • They are very aggressive and arrogant and have rude and abusive behaviors
  • Often punishes the person who makes the mistake

The way the punishment is executed defines how ugly the manager is. These examples might remind of something similar happened to you or happening to you now

  • To fix the mistake the person who made the mistake is humiliated in team meeting or WhatsApp/WeChat group
  • Giving false examples for himself/herself on how he dealt with his mistakes. Just being pretentious.
  • Infront of person ‘A’ praises person ‘B’ saying he does better job than you and vice-versa

The results of this on his/her team

  • The person who made the mistake will never ever take new initiatives
  • The other team members will also be motivated not to take new initiatives
  • Productivity of that division suffer
  • Ultimately subordinates will leave at the first opportunity they have
  • Legal implication can come into play

The Good

  • Assertive
  • Security
  • Intelligent
  • Empathetic
  • Does not see the growth of his subordinates as a threat to his job
  • Always gives credit to his team and praise them for their efforts
  • Motivate his team to bring out their full potential and to take new initiatives
  • Even if his team members may not know their true potential he uses his managing skills as a way to bring it out.
  • He takes full accountability for the mistake
  • Does not micro-manage when the mistakes are done

My mentor, my manager who supported me in every aspect is Nikhil Shingadia

I would like to end this post by quoting “Forget the mistake, remember the lesson”. – Oleg Vishnepolsky

I have also written a similar article on The FATE Of Your Company Depends Upon How You TREAT Your EMPLOYEES


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