Core Elements Of Sales


Every author or experienced sales person has his/her way of explaining, elaborating sales. I am a Business Graduate, not that an excellent writer. But I will try my level best at explaining “Core Elements Of Sales”.

Let us start by understanding the word ELEMENT
ELEMENT can be defined as an essential part or characteristics or component or ingredients of something.

Don’t get confused with “Principles Of Sales” those are completely different. I have already written an article on it [LINK] you can click and read about it.

Basically there are 4 Elements of sales

  1. Know your buyer
  2. Understand the deal
  3. Effective presentation
  4. Closing the deal

Know your buyer

It is very important to know your buyer, buyer is not there because of you (sales-person); you are there because there is a buyer.

“Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing”  – Henry Petroski

Understand the important aspects of your buyer

  • Determine the role of your buyer in buying process
  • Identify his social style and build a profile
  • Based on the profile (Businessman, Student, Self-Employed, Executive, etc) tailor your message

Understand the deal

Your buyer have came to buy a simple phone and you are pitching him an smartphone. You are indeed in a wrong place. Understand the deal first before pursing. Learn to listen.

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”

  • Understand your buyer and his value and the value he will build for you and the company
  • Build the deal profile
  • Pursue your client based on the profile you built

Effective Presentation

The way you present, plays a deciding factor for your client; speak wisely.

“In sales, it’s not what you say; it’s how they perceive what you said”. – Jeffrey Gitomer

  • Deliver effective presentation
  • How valuable is your product
  • Objection handling
  • Deliver insights using stories, teaching and examples

Closing the deal

Closing sales is not an easy job. You can build your business or career depending upon how you close the sales. As a businessman you are not here to build business but clients; and clients will build your business. As a salesperson you are not here to sale once and forget; you want same customers repeatedly to buy from you. And this happens only if you build values. Always create WIN-WIN deals.

  • Make the customer feel what he is buying is the best
  • Always assure the customer you are there to help him post sales
  • Free gifts or coupons

This is it, if you like the article please share on Facebook, tweet about it and feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.


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