Honor 8: 8 Secrets Of The Epic Glass


Honor - For The Brave

Honor 8 looks like a dream! Hats off to the world-class glass design. But did you know what makes it epic? ONLY we have the trade secrets. Read on…

There are 8 secrets to it. Here is a lowdown:

Ink-printing layers: There are 4-6 Ink-printing (also called Silkscreen) layers in Honor 8 that enhance the ID color and laminating effects.

Optical coating: Multiple layers (4) of titanium silicon elements with optical coating (OPVD) have been used to increase optical grating to bring out ID colors and lighting effects. There is an additional layer for better colour perception. It ensures increased optical transmission. There is also a reflective coating which enhances lighting effect and 3D grating texture.

3D grating texture: This has a light production layer which fashion the concepts of chaning, docking and touching aurora. High-accuracy 3D grating texture forms a transparent 3D UV layer (similar to multiple prism lines)…

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