Honor 8: Dual Antenna Explained 


This is the era of highly competitive smartphones with advanced technology. But still many are facing signal interference, which is an extremely serious problem. To solve this problem Honor 8 comes with the double antenna design that intelligently switches between antennae in a microsecond depending on which is providing the strongest signal strength. Now you can experience endless communication with Honor 8 double antenna, which helps you to connect to your loved ones with the strong signal.

Intelligent communication with double antenna

Honor 8 has a pair of antenna which delivers stable calls even when the signal is weak. Sometimes you may notice very weak signal strength in underground garages. In such situations, the dual antenna on Honor 8 will switch between antennae to receive the strongest signal to improve communication performance.

Benefits of Double antenna

·        You can experience endless connectivity.

·        Call drop will be less

·        Better call quality even in weak signals.

Get your hands with Honor 8 and always get connected. 

Source: http://www.club.hihonor.in


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