Honor 8: Multi User Explained 


Yup… most of the time we need to act as perfect in front of our parents, relatives and loved ones.

There are many situations where your cousins, brothers or relatives peeping into your device or checking your personal photos, apps and more. In such situations, you may be a little uncomfortable and feel to hide all personal details. Now no more worries!!! All you need to know about is “Users” on Honor 8. With this unique feature, you can create 5 different accounts on your device.

Now with this feature, you can share your Honor 8 with other people by creating additional users (accounts). Each user has their own space, which they can customize with apps, wallpapers and more.

Do you know how to set it up? It’s very easy!

1.     Go to Settings

2.     Then tap on Users

3.     To create a guest account touch Add guest

4.     To add an account touch Add (+)

Once you have done with this you can switch to different users. Try it out and leave your comments!


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