Honor 8: IR Blaster Explained 


Day by day smartphones and its technologies are getting smarter, apart from normal features your Honor 8 act as a Universal remote controller for your surrounded electronic appliances. It’s pretty cool feature. Let’s have a look at this new feature.

The Honor 8 with inbuilt IR blaster lets you to supports232740 electronic appliances of different brands and controls all electronic appliances from one place. So you don’t want to have the individual remote for each appliance.

The Smart controller app has seven default device categories of the remote control- TVAir conditioner,STBCameraNetwork STB’sDVD player and Projector. If your target device doesn’t fall in any of these seven categories, the Honor 8 gives an additional option Customise to add your device to smart controller list. The best part is you can customize remote control as per your continence (air conditioner remote control cannot be modified).

How can I use my Honor 8 as Universal remote controller?

To manage your electronic appliances, just go to Smart controller app on the home screen and select Enter.

Now click on Add remote control and choose your device type.

Once you choose the device type then select the brand name (here I choose LG TV) by scrolling through the list.

Then point your device to the target electronic device and follow the onscreen instructions. To check whether the device got connected to the electronic appliance, touch the power button icon on the screen of Honor 8. If the electronic appliance responds touch Yes and No if does not.

How to manage or use remote controls/ tabs?

Switching tabs are every easy in Honor 8. There are the power button, input button, mute, volume up and down button and channel button. Apart from this, you can see 123, Menu and Expand tabs, to switch between these tabs just touch on the respective icons.

If you didn’t find some options on the remote control, just touch on the Expand to add more keys.

Now you can use your Honor 8 as a Universal remote controller. It’s really interesting, right? Get your hands on Honor 8 and get full control over the device and electronic appliances with ease.

You must try this feature. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below. 

Source: http://www.club.hihonor.in 


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