Honor 8: Bokeh Made Easy


Built with urban photographers in mind, the Honor 8 is a smartphone designed on refinements brought about by its elder sibling – the Huawei P9. Now with the product officially launching in India, the wait for this flagship has finally ended.

Of the various camera modes available on the Honor 8, the one that really gets me excited is the wide aperture functionality present in the device. Having a dual-lens setup lets the Honor 8 simulate the shallow-depth-of-field of large sensor cameras, such as DSLRs and thus resulting in some seriously stunning ‘bokeh’ effect photographs.

In the Wide Aperture Mode, you can select an aperture value between F0.95 and F16 and a corresponding degree of blur is applied to the image. When adjusting your background blur, blur it only to the point where it doesn’t overlap the edges of the object in focus. This will result in the most realistic look.

To take the best image using this effect, make sure your phone is held as still as possible. Touch to focus on the object that you want to stand out and then take your photo.

Here are some sample shots taken on the Honor 8 using the wide aperture mode for your viewing pleasure:

Many photographers agree that the end results are definitely better than previous iterations of the effect, with a much smoother falloff in sharpness towards the background.

The mode can be fun to play with, especially when shooting portraits and is definitely one of the highlights of the Honor 8 camera.

What’s your take on this mode? Let me know in the comments below!

SOURCE: http://www.club.hihonor.in


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