Honor 8: 2.5D Glass Explained


Honor’s fresh-from-the-oven flagship Honor 8 glorifies ‘glass’ like no one else does. Its dual glass design is the real crowd-puller along with other nifty features. What demands a mention here is the 2.5D technology that not just adds to the ergonomics but does a lot more than you can imagine.

So, what is 2.5D glass?

The display of Honor 8 looks slightly raised. That’s technically the 2.5D glass. To be more precise, it is a delicate front cover radian connecting two pieces of 2.5D glass that ensures comfort in hand. This is a curved glass with rounded edges. This has a bright and transparent front glass with optimal combination of glass thickness and strength which makes the glass shock-proof yet light and slim.

What does 2.5D glass do?

The smooth symmetrical connection technique is used to connect the metal middle frame and the glass which then makes the phone super comfortable to hold. And it feels perfectly symmetrical in your hand too. That’s why it nestles into your palm giving you the feeling that it only belongs to you.

Optimal Radian

 The optical radian provides an ergonomic design. The radian of the 2.5D glass and connection material is carefully calculated to ensure that the phone looks unified even when viewed from the sides.

Twin sheets of 2.5D optical-level glass

Different from common 2.5D glass processing methods, Honor 8’s dual sheets of 2.5D optical-level glass protects the camera with the rear glass and also strikes a balance with the surface.

Now, you know how essential is the 2.5D design to Honor 8’s glass architecture!

Source: http://www.club.hihonor.in


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