Lenovo K4 Note User Review




> Beautiful build, metal frame gives a grand finish to the body.
> Full HD screen provides crisp clear video quality
> Dual front firing speakers powered by Dolby ATMOS are just a treat for music lovers. The sound will blow you away, believe me.
> VIbe UI has been cleaned up a lot which is nice to use now.
> Minimal bloatware unlike other smartphones in this segment
> Camera quality is not phenomenal but in HDR mode, the pictures are very decent plus the selfie camera doesn’t disappoint at 5 MP.
> Quick charge helps in keeping the phone juiced up.
> Battery usage is quite nice. Given that I am an avid user, I use it to read eBooks on Kindle, playing games and browsing simultaneously but still the battery is able to take the load without much heating (warms up a bit though)
> Fingerprint is sensor is Good. Could have been better. I hope in an software update they might fix it.

> Facial Recognition is another feature which is like a candy on top. It is very quick and allows you to unlock your phone as soon as it recognizes you.
> MediaTek processor, even though underclocked, can take a hit. I have been playing heavy duty games (Asphalt, etc) on this piece and it still gives butter smooth feedback (no lags whatsoever).

> Battery usage could have been a bit more optimized.
> Camera could be a bit better. But at this price, I wouldn’t really grumble 😉

Finally, THEATERMAX: This was the biggest USP of this phone and it has really lived up to my expectations. It is 100 times better than Google Cardboard and the VR mode of the phone converts any content you want (even non 3D). Plus, the front speakers provide an amazing feedback when used in VR headset. I must say, this is the first time I am using a smartphone without feeling the need to buy any headphones.


Lenovo has really struck a chord with this model. For all mid segment users, I would definitely recommend this since this phone is future proof. It has many many features and hidden aspects which will not make you regret your purchase.


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