What’s coming in 2016 (Smartphones)


So what’s new in 2016. As far as my experience goes, there are some companies which will be on the dead bed as Nokia was on dead bed in 2010 and finally died in 2014. There will be some companies which will make their debut and there will be some new techs.

Last year I wrote an article on this same topic which was about 64 bit processor coming on 2015 and now I am writing what’s going to come in 2016.

Please note this that I am not a professional writer.

Firstly in most of the smartphones we will see Finger Print Sensor and Force Touch. Secondly new camera technologies. There are chances this time we will find 16MP cameras instead of 13MP cameras. Thirdly many online products such as Mi, Honor, MEIZU, etc. Going to make their debut in retail stores.

Now coming back to finger print sensors, Google’s Android Marshmallow is built specifically for the biometric sensor. So it is most likely you will be getting Android 6 out of the box.
4G, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM will be a norm. Force Touch and edge kinda displays will be even in mid range.
Forget 4 gigs of RAM, Qualcomm promised that in 2016 Snapdragon 830 will support 8 gigs of RAM.
The man behind Android is planning to start his own mobile company.
There are chances that there will be more secondary display as on LG V10.

List of Android smartphones which are going to release in Q1 2016:
Samsung’s A-Series, these phones got very popular because they broke the samsung’s rule of design which was mostly plastic. They gave Samsung Galaxy a new look and brought Samsung a premium feel. So the 2nd generation of A-Series (A3, A5 and A7) going to make their way in.
Samsung’s flagships: Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may not release so soon but you will get their rumors and facts.

Vivo: A Chinese smartphone manufacturer, which made its debut 10 months ago in India. Now the title sponsor of IPL T20 tournament. Is about to launch 4 new smartphones 2 of which are the flagships devices and 2 mid range.
Vivo X6 and X6 Plus these are the flagships. First to have a Deca-Core processor and 1GB video memory. Vivo has proven itself to be the best qualitative product. It’s only competitor is Oppo which is its own sister brand. Oppo is struggling to get sales in India.


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