Review: LG MAX User Review


LG MAX or Bello 2 which was supposed to be launched at said said specifications has some changes



The rare camera is not 8MP, instead it is 5MP. Out of 8GB internal memory 3.27GB is available for user, even though it runs Android Lollipop with original (Vanilla) UI.

The phone is too heavy and has 5 inch TFT screen. Camera quality is not upto the mark, too much noise and no color accuracy, too much crossfire. Front camera is good, has gesture selfy mode and quality is just average.

This phone is priced for ₹10,000/- and believe me, it’s not worth paying for.

Design: 3/10
Camera: 2/10
Selfy: 4/10
Display: 4/10
Features : 4/10
Value for money : 2/10

Instead go for LG L Fino which has better specs and only ₹500/- extra. Or you can go for LG Spirit only ₹2,500/- extra.
LG Max ₹10,000/-
LG L Fino ₹10500/-
LG Spirit ₹12500/-
Please note the prices quoted by me are retailers, online prices are lower.


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