Why LG Wine Smart would be a success?



LG Wine Smart specifications
👉 3.2 inch 480 x 320
👉 Quad core 4G LTE
👉 3MP Camera + VGA front
👉 1700mAh battery

Who doesn’t like Retro or Classic styles? Nowadays many people are bored using only touch phones.

Basically this phone is for those who:

1) Use their phone primarily for talking, not gaming or browsing.

2) Want their young children to be connected but not distracted by games (low res display and impossible to play in landscape mode since you can’t twist and fold back the display half, a deliberate design decision).

3) Are generally older and are not comfortable pressing buttons on a screen or have trouble seeing the small keys on a glass display.

4) Need smart functions occasionally for looking things up and messaging.

5) Who want to stand out from the general public and show their style.

6) Who want a secondary phone with just Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

This is my choice, I will keep it as my secondary phone, my primary phone is Nokia 808 Pureview, as I am very much addicted to photography. LG Wine Smart with its LTE 4G speed, takes care of my uploading, downloading & social networking.


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