How Online Purchasing Will Rob You?


❝ When I ordered a simple pen-drive from Flipkart, I never thought that it would take them forever to deliver it, and a simple purchase will turn into a never ending nightmare.

On 24th October 2014 I placed the order but got an empty box delivered to my house. I took up the issue with Flipkart and they assured me a monetary compensation of Rs. 55 with the product. I asked for an apology letter with the product, however ever I never got one. I thought that it’s only human to err, but was in for a shock when I was sent another empty box. I was not at home and my mother took the order.

I was furious and once again I took up the matter with Flipkart. This time they didn’t accept that the fault was on their part, on the contrary, they indirectly started suggesting that maybe I have kept the pen-drive and making a ruckus just for no reason. They had my money and were not ready to resend the product.

Already having spent so much time and energy on this I thought that I should rather have the product now, so I placed a fresh order.

After receiving empty boxes the first two time, I thought that it will be a good idea to video record the order delivery and open it in front of them.

So when the package arrived I got one of the delivery guys to open the box for me. Since the product was Cash on Delivery I had to pay first to get the box opened. And for the third time I was stunned to see an empty box.

I am not looking for compensation, I have come out with this video proof because I want such Online Shopping stores to realise and repent their mistake, and stop taking the customers for granted. ❞
– Adarsh Anandan

 We appeal our community members to be careful while receiving such packages through online retailers.

If you too have encountered similar instances with any e-commerce brand, kindly share your personal experiences in the comments below.

#Flipkart is known for addressing customer grievances promptly, The Logical Indian expects the e-commerce giant to come out with an explanation for this incident as well.


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