Ramadan 101 for non-Muslims


Shaza Loutfi

Ramadan Mubarak!

Not sure where to begin with this whole Muslim fasting thing? Here’s everything you need to know about the Muslim month of Ramadan:

1. Ramadan is a MONTH (Not a holiday). It is a literal month in the Islamic calendar; the 9th month.

2. Ramadan is NOT at the same time every year. This is because the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, and this shifts the timing of the months. Every year, Ramadan is about 10 days earlier.

3. This is why the moon sighting is such a big deal to Muslims. It marks the beginning of the month!

4. Fasting is the 4th pillar of the Islamic faith (the 5 pillars include: the shahada, the 5 daily prayers, charity, fasting, and the pilgrimage)

5. A fast is from dawn to sunset. We do NOT starve ourselves for 30 days; we just abstain from the…

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