Samsung’s Double Standard Towards Indian


Samsung_wordmarkTo start with, we have a lot of certified reviews about its Galaxy Smartphones and before I start I have a disclaimer, I have not purchased and Galaxy Smartphone but had used them for many hours, as I am a Mobile Technician and also worked in Samsung Service Center (Mobiles). I was a fan of Samsung Galaxy S and Note series.

Samsung’s Double Standards towards Indians is nothing new, most of the existing users knows it. It all started with the Samsung Galaxy S3 which was undoubtedly the best seller in India back then, which was launched with a different chipset and packing with just 1GB of RAM compared to 2GB in other countries. They followed the same racist tradition with the Samsung Galaxy S4 bringing in an another stripped down version of the flagship, which even then managed to ship millions. This is where the problem lies, we Indians (not everyone though) are obsessed with branding and do whatever it takes to get an Samsung or an Apple or at least a Sony, provided, if we have the resources.

How many of us will consider buying a Micromax, Xolo, Xiaomi, Gionee, Oppo if we have 40k as our budget.? I bet nobody!!! This is what Samsung and other OEM’s exploit. In China which is another huge market for Samsung, they release special edition dual sim variants of flagships with snapdragon exclusively for Chinese, why not in India? Its because in China have a huge sentiments toward home grown Chinese brands, and I’m sure that not even a single piece of this crap with Exynos powering them will ever sale if they don’t have the competitive edge.

The Exynos processor powering the Samsung Galaxy S5 in India, is an in house processor developed by Samsung itself. The catch here is that they can make PROFITS & Only PROFITS out of each devices sold because they don’t have to share the profit margins with Qualcomm. Exynos is always a loser vs Qualcomm Snapdragon.
FORGET about the benchmarks results, as Samsung has always found beefing up the benchmark scores – a person with an hands on experience knows the drawbacks of Exynos over the snapdragon counterparts. It tends to heat up, consumes more RAM, drains the battery, frequent lags, app compatibility issues, LTE and much more…

When LTE-A is the Global Buzz word in mobile technology and Manufacturers are busy pushing out their products In the European market, we still are being fooled around by them. It’s not just SAMSUNG but others as well, similar the case with Sony Z1, the Indian version does not have the 4G compatibility, while all the other market does. What these guys are thinking?

India is on a smartphone revolution while other markets have become saturated, they might be trying to ooze out maximum from these market before bringing up a so called premium version with 4G LTE just like what LG did with its new G2.
Considering recent developments in the Indian Telecom sector, I am pretty sure that 4G will be launched by different operators in many cities, and the buyers will soon repent on their purchase. When we invest such huge sums of money on a mobile device, who doesn’t want it to be future proof-say at-least for the next 2 years???

Qualcomm has developed a new communication receiver, which is compatible with all the LTE bands in the world, which is being used on the Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C. When demand rises for 4G devices, I am pretty sure that Samsung is gonna launch a so called premium versions which will be insanely priced and we Indian like being Fooled.

I am well aware about the service centers issues you will face when you buy Indian Brands like Micromax, Lava/Xolo, Karbonn, etc or Chinese Brands like Xiaomi, Gionee, Oppo, Etc. But hey, you ain’t investing an insane amount. You will face similar issues in Samsung’s or Sony’s service centers, the main reason is they don’t have experienced staff.

You should not walk into service center unless its a huge problem which you cannot fix. Visit XDA Forums or GSMARENA and check for solutions, if you can’t do it yourself, we all have a Friend who is a techno freak, take his help.

Lastly, if you look at any Samsung Galaxy Flagship, they are all made of cheap plastic, cheap AMOLED display which is another homemade Samsung’s crap, over Saturated but looks good. A Non-Samsung Galaxy User cannot make out any difference is first look at Galaxy S4 And Galaxy Grand, for them its one and the same. Then whats the use of buying Samsung’s Flagships? On the other hand Sony and HTC are know for Premium Quality Android Smartphones.

If you need any help in Buying any Smartphones you can always Tweet me @iDeshnoor, In’sha Allah I will help you out, you just need to mention your Budget.

Choose Wisely..!


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