Another Suicide Bomber In Saudi Arabia


Last week, a suicide bomber blew himself straight to hell during Friday prayer killing and injuring worshippers! Today, another bomber blew himself up straight to hell but with the grace of Allah, failed to enter the masjid for his crime!

ISIS claimed responsibility as usual! Whether it was ISIS, Alqaeda or the rafidah,their attempts are all in vain!

Allah will protect this land and will expose the enemies of Islam!
The Prophet described the khawarij as killing the people of Islam and leaving the idol worshippers in peace! Targeting worshippers is a trademark of these khawarij. We had seen it in Iraq, Pakistan and in Syria.
We must expose them and report anything conspicuous as falsehood is bound to perish!

May Allah destroy each and everyone affiliated with them for tarnishing the reputation of Islam and for targeting the houses of Allah!

– Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem


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