Does GOD Exist?



A compelling reasons we know there is a creator of our universe is from the order within our solar system, which shows the creator is intelligent.

– Point 1: Order indicates intelligence When we observe something with order, patterns and systems our logic and experience shows there is intelligence behind it.

Example: Imagine we were walking along lost in the desert of Arabia. And then suddenly we discovered a mobile phone in the middle of the desert.

Someone them mentions to you that the way this mobile was created by chance because the desert has lots of sand which you get glass and oil where you get plastic (essential elements of a mobile).

So this mobile was a product of billions of years of random events!

The wind blew, the sun shone, the rain fell, lightning struck, the oil bubbled, the camel trod and after millions and millions of years the mobile phone formed itself.

Is there a chance that this could have randomly formed itself through natural processes?

Obviously not!

Because you understand that this mobile has order. Things are working together according to systems, patterns and processes which indicate a designer.

– Point 2: Our solar system has order.
When we take this principle and apply it to our solar system we come up with a profound conclusion.

As our solar system is ordered with intricate systems, patterns and processes it shows there must be intelligence behind the creation of our universe.

For example:

– Imagine if the earth was closer or further away from the sun. Or if the size of the sun or the earth was any different. We would either be in burning heat or freezing cold ice.

– In fact if we did not have a moon or if the moon was in a different place we would not have such balance in the sessions in the year. The earth would be in chaos.

– Or consider the O zone layer which protects us from the suns harmful rays. If that was not there then neither would we.

– Or imagine if the gravity was any stronger or weaker. How much of an effect that would have on human life.

And the list goes on, we can even discuss the water cycle and the balance in the gases in our atmosphere.

We see such balance and order for us to have this life permitting earth. It is difficult to see how life could exist without these precise conditions.

This all indicates that there is intelligence behind our existence.

Article By Brother Haroon Qureshi


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