Review: Hit Anti Roach Gel


Hit Anti Roach Gel

It is always good to write review about the product we use. It helps other consumer to take appropriate decision.

Well, Hit anti rodent gel is a anti –  cockroach and other rodent treatment. It is not a new concept at all. I bought 1 Hit anti rodent gel and applied to the cockroach prone areas:
1. Kitchen racks where spices, pulses, lentils and other materials were kept.
2. Sink area and below the sink from where pipe goes to drainage system.
3. Utensils stand
4. Wash basin area
4. Dining table
5. Refrigerator/ fridge – both inside and outside
6. Microwave oven area
7. Washrooms specially on entire side of the door

I applied the gel in 10 cms distance at least at more than 40-50 places.

Result and positive things
Result was excellent. On second night after applying the gel we got lot of dead cockroaches. In the mid night when I used to wake up and go to kitchen, there were irritating cockroach terrorists but now they had reduced significantly. On third night also dead were more and less were visible. Now, I am not seeing them much.
It yielded excellent result.

Positive things
1. It is odourless. When we use aerosol spray like Hit, Baygon and mortien, it gives odours. Even if it has fragrances, the chemical in those sprays cause breathlessness and other problems.

2. It is highly effective. The Hit anti rodent gel’s pack claims that it is effective up to 45 days.

3. Cost effective: one pack of the gel cost INR 125. You may need 2-3 tubes if you have hundreds & thousands of Cockroaches. Once problem solved 1 will be enough for months so total cost will not go beyond INR 500 initially & thereafter INR 125 once in 3-4 months In Shaa Allah.

4. Flexible : you do not need to wait for pest control, to lodge complaint and to wait for them. You can use as and when required

1. Please note that this is not a herbal treatment. It is a poison. Always keep out of the reach of children.
2. Do not apply on areas which remain constantly wet. It will not be effective.
3. Do not apply to the area easily accessible by children. It may cause harm.
4. Do not use any other pest control including mosquito sprays. It will make make the gel ineffective.
5. Keep cockroach prone areas such as kitchen, washroom and storage always clean.

Recommendations: absolutely yes

Please share your feedback after using

We have to accept that Godrej has made the Hit commercial appropriately. Its eye catching. Also, Godrej has taught from this that if we want to be ahead in the business we have to constantly do innovation and need to launch innovative product. I am very sure Hit anti rodent gel will be a huge success and it will easy market of other aerosol spray including its own Hit spray. I am expecting that within a month other companies will also launch their gel. All the best Godrej and all the best Hit anti roach gel.

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