Razer’s Modular PCs


razer-christine-modular-pc-front-and-back-640x353Putting together a computer is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to choose the right motherboard, microchip, graphic card and power unit. And that’s only the beginning. Then, you have to work your way through all the cables; connecting the fans, hard drives, DVD writer and what not…

Well, Razer – a company known for its gaming hardware – has been working on Project Christine that will make assembling a personal computer as easy as playing with Lego blocks.

Need a new machine? Simply pick up the modules you want: processor, graphic card, storage, system monitors with digital readout, collection of ports, and simply plug it into a grid. Project Christine uses PCI-Express architecture that automatically syncs the components.

Each of Christine’s modules is self-contained , liquid cooled and uses noise cancellation to make for a silent, but flexible computing system. As of now, Razer hasn’t fixed a price or disclosed a release date for this modular set-up, but we’d definitely like to see this one hit stores in the near future.


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