The Limits of Da’wah


Ma Shaa Allah.

Calling Christians

Salaam ‘Alaykum,

It is common for the lay Muslim to engage in da’wah and today this is most frequently done online, sometimes Facebook, Twitter and also on Paltalk. Unfortunately there are those in our growing community that have mimicked the da’wah of the Christians and Atheists – without being aware of what they are doing. So what is da’wah? Da’wah is literally, an invitation to Islam, and from this, da’wah is not to:

  1. Belittle your opponent.
  2. Be emotional with your opponent.
  3. Enter into discussion about a topic in which you have no knowledge, the foremost being ‘aqeedah.
  4. Show off (demonstrate your ‘skills’ at debating or demonstrate ‘knowledge’ you possess).
  5. Prove your opponent wrong.

If we limit ourselves to not doing these five ills, and this is the way of the Christians and Atheists, then we will only then begin to perfect our da’wah.

How is this the method of…

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