Camera, Camera and Camera… Nokia, HTC, Google, and now Sony.


Every SmartPhone’s manufacturer wants to sale it’s Smartphone only on Camera. Nobody wants to upload their pic on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc but with Amazing Quality. So the public demand Great Cameras for their Smartphones. The main reason for this is, nobody like to carry an additional camera in their pockets, secondly we visit certain places and we find this place is awesome for photography, but then I didn’t have a camera but I have my phone. Sometimes things happens around you accidentally and u have nothing to capture that movement but with you phone? So camera plays a very important role in our day to day life. People across the globe carries two things for sure one is the Key and other is the phone. No one lives without them.

When Nokia announced it 41MP Camera, everyone were shocked including the companies like Nikon, Canon, and others. And everybody wanted to buy it. Secondly it’s the technology which was introduced, you guessed it right, its the PUREVIEW. We all know what Nokia 808 and Nokia Lumia 920 are capable of doing.

Then later….. HTC proposed ULTRAPIXEL though it is not about sensors like Nokia’s 41MP, yet it’s the most demanded phone of the year 2013.

Though Samsung introduced it’s Galaxy Camera, yet it’s primarily a camera not a Smartphone. So you are out of the view. Bye bye!

And now some rumors…
1: Nikon and Google are working on a new Nexus. Nikon’s job is to make a sensor that can compete with phones like Nokia 808, Lumia 920, HTC One, any other which will be in the future.

2: Nokia Lumia EOS, Codename of the new Lumia Smartphone which will be having this 41MP sensor with PureView.

3: Sony is working on Xperia Cybershot Combo. You heard me correct. Since these to are the amazing brands of Sony, Sony is planning to manufacture SmartPhone’s with 5 inch Xperia and Cybershot as its Camera. I dunno other Hardware, I hope it to be Quad-Core.


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