Development of the Trinity in Light of History


The man-made character of Christianity is explicit by the study of its history. Here is a chronology of the development of the Trinity (as per “Missing Documents from the Gospel of Barnabus, Adam Peerbhai, Islamic Institution, Durban 1967, Pg. 28”):

AD 32 – About this time the Gospels recorded, “I ascend unto my Father and your Father and to my God and to your God.”

AD 57 – About this time Paul wrote, “To us there is but One God, the Father”

AD 96 – About this time Clement wrote, “Christ was sent by God and the Apostles were sent by Christ.”

AD 120 – The Apostle’s creed begins to be known to the Church. It says, “I believe in God, the Father Almighty.”

AD 150 – Justin Martyr about this time began with platonic philosophy to corrupt Christian simplicity.

AD 170 – The word “Trias” first occurs in Christian literature.

AD 200 – The word “Trinitas” is first used by Tertullian.

AD 230 – Origen writes against prayers being offered to Christ.

AD 260 – Sabellius taught that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three names for the same God.

AD 300 – No Trinitarian form of prayer is yet known to the Church.

AD 310 – Lactanius write that “Christ never called himself God!”

AD 320 – Eusebius writes: “Christ teaches us to call his Father, the True God, and to worship Him.”

AD 325 – The Council of Nicea agrees to call Christ God of God, very God of very God. However two opposing groups, the Trinitarians and the Unitarians, came into existence.

AD 350 – Great conflicts in the Church about the doctrine of Trinity.

AD 370 – The doxology, “Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost” composed and objected to as a novelty.

AD 381 – The Council of Constantinople gives the finishing touch to the doctrine of “three Persons in One God”.

AD 383 – The Emperor Theodosius threatened to punish all who would not believe in and worship the Trinity.

Therefore, the doctrine of the Trinity, imposed by imperial decree, did not become Christian dogma until nearly four centuries after the birth of Jesus (peace be upon him). Orthodoxy was then established by force. This leads us to the conclusion that the concept of the Trinity was created basically to confuse a common person to the extent that he or she ends up in blind faith and gives up rational thinking. It blocks the thinking power of the human brain.


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