What Is Trinity?



‘Trinity’ is the Christian belief whose Standard wordings of run as: “There is one person of the Father, another of the Son, and another of the Holy Ghost. But the Godhead of the father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost is all one, the glory equal, the majesty co-eternal… The Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Ghost is God, and yet there are not three Gods but one God.”

This concept in its summary states that God became a man, and that man was Jesus (PBUH). Can the infinite and finite be one ???

From the standpoint of mathematics and the English language, when we say that this is a person, that is another person and that that one is yet another it is understood that there are three people involved and not just one. One plus one plus one will always be three and not one!

Secondly if the three are separately and distinctly God then there are three distinct gods; according to the language. And if there is only One God, then each Father, Son and Holy Ghost, on their own cannot be God.

Furthermore, from the statement of Trinity; ‘The Father (F) is God (G), the Son (S) is God and the Holy Ghost (H) is God, but the Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost is not the Father.’ In simple Arithmetic terms, if F=G, S=G, & H=G, then it follows that F=S=H, while the second part suggests that F not equal to S not equal to H. Isn’t that a contradiction to the Christians dogma of Trinity in itself ??

From the standpoint of the human mind’s comprehension, when the preacher says, “In the Name of the Father..”, a certain mental image or idea emerges. When he continues, “..and the Son..”, the image or idea that one gets now is different. The same is the case when the words, “..and the Holy Ghost.”, are uttered by the preacher. No matter how hard you try, you can never super-impose the three distinct pictures as one.

Three person can never be one. One person can have three parts to his/her personality. Together those parts form the person. However, the concept of Trinity is completely different. It is claimed that Jesus (PBUH) is not a part but 100% God on his own so also the Holy Ghost and the Father. But then it is concluded that they are not three but one God. The premise of the statement does not support its conclusion about there being One God. It makes the assertion about the Trinity impossible to prove logically and reduces it to just words which cannot have any meaning!

Please note: the word Trinity does not exists in The Holy Bible!

Ponder on the following questions:

1. Is God three-in-one and one-in-three simultaneously or one at a time?

2. If God is one & three simultaneously then none of three could be complete God. Granting that such was the case, then when Jesus (PBUH) was on earth he wasn’t a complete God, nor was ‘the Father in Heaven’ a complete God. Doesn’t that contradict what Jesus (PBUH) always said about his God & our God in the Heaven, his Lord & our Lord? Does that also mean that there was no complete God then, between the claimed crucifixion & the claimed resurrection?

3. If God is three-in-one at a time, then who was the God in the Heaven when Jesus (PBUH) was on the Earth? Wouldn’t this contradict his many references to a God in the Heavens that sent him?

4. If God is three-in-one at the same time, who was the God in the Heavens within three days between the claimed crucifixion and the claimed resurrection?

5. Doesn’t the concept of Trinity contradict to what Jesus (PBUH) said in Gospel of Mark, Chapter 12, Verse 29: “The Lord our God is One Lord.”

6. If belief in Trinity was such a necessary condition for being a Christian, why didn’t Jesus (PBUH) teach & emphasize it to the Christians during his time? Had Trinity been the spinal cord of Christianity, Jesus (PBUH) would have emphasized it on many occasions and would have taught & explained it in detail to the people!

7. How were followers of Jesus (PBUH) considered Christians without ever hearing the term Trinity?

8. Why is the term ‘Trinity’ not mentioned even once in the entire Bible??


7 thoughts on “What Is Trinity?

  1. While I appreciate that this is a common point of view I dont entirely agree. Some of the Old Testament teaching was helpful for that time but is barmy today. eg condeming people for eating with Egyptians, for wearing mixed fibres, for eating shell-fish, for having slanty eyes etc
    In the same way lots of ideas in science are stupid now because we know more – but in their day those outmoded ideas and theories helped humans learn more about the world we live in. It is silly to insist on the truth of ideas that have passed their time just because they are found in scripture because how else can you deal with the contradictions.


    • I Agree With You Bro!
      U Know The Old Saying: “Good Judgements Comes Form Experience And Lot Of That Comes From Bad Judgements”.
      Science Is Something Which Is Not Constant. It Keeps On Changing Depending Upon Evidences, Theories, Etc.
      Whereas Religion The Concept Of God Is The Same But People Changed It.
      There Is Not A Single Prophet Who Came And Didn’t Invited People Towards Worshiping One God.
      One More Thing, Religion Is The Property Of God, None Has The Right To Change It. But Science Is Property Of Humans, They Can Change It.


  2. For conservative Christians you may have a point because many would probably see it an article of faith which as you suggest may not stand up to rigorous analysis. If however we think of this dimension of faith as a work in progress it makes more sense. Just as many scientific notions in the Bible and the Koran have not worn well as more knowledge develops eg A flat Earth on Pillars, four corners of the earth, a few thousand year old Earth, similarly some religious notions dont wear well. eg an eye for an eye doesnt seem as enlightened as turn the other cheek – and all those crazy ideas about women being suject to their husbands come from a previous culture.
    The Trinity only slowly developed as a way of trying to make sense of some religious understandings and fairly represents fourth Cenury thinking. The year is now 2013 and we know more stuff now. For example God the Father now seems curiously inadequate because the notions of creation of an immense univerrse in which the earth is only a speck mean that the creator should no longer be thought of as a human type entity. This should not be a frightening concept if you remember that the notions of God also developed which the Books of the Bible were evolving from the tribla localised God to a much more nuanced idea in the New Testament.


      • Since the idea of the Trinity came about because Christians of the time were trying to find a way of expressing what they then believed about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit it was a helpful idea for them at that time. Criticising it from our 21st century viewpoint is not fair. The reason why people have always needed the prophets is because changing culture is constantly changing ideas of faith and how it fits with a particular age. I think that most educated Christians would agree we have moved on from the fourth century ideas of the Trinity because knowledge and culture have moved on. In plain English I am not sure that your implied criticisms of the Trinity are therefore relevant.


      • What I would say is, the Trinity didn’t came from the Bible but from some people, then it was adopted by Christians. Christianity is what Bible says, though we have many versions of it. Similarly Islam is what Quran and Authentic Sunnah says not what Muslims do.


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