What Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Said About 360 Joints?



Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said :

“Everyone has been created with three hundred and sixty Joints. Whoever mentions God’s greatness , praises God, extols God, and seeks forgiveness from God and removes stones from the path of the people, enjoins what is good and forbids the evil to the amount of those three hundred and sixty joints , he walks on that Day (of Judgment) having distanced himself from the Hell fire.”
[Sahih Muslim]

❑ Modern science proved that the total number of the human body joints is exactly 360 ☞ as the prophet of God stated 1400 years ago.


☯ First: 147 joints in the vertebral column
● 25 joints between the vertebrae.
● 72 joints between the vertebrae and the ribs.

☯ Second: 24 joints in the thorax
● 2 joints between the bones of the sternum and the thoracic cage.
● 18 joints between the sternum and the ribs.
● 2 joints between the clavicle and the scapulae (shoulder blade).
● 2 joints between the scapulae and the thorax.

☯ Third: 86 joints in the upper extremity
● 2 joints between the scapular bones.
● 6 joints between the elbows.
● 8 joints between the wrists.
● 70 joints between the hand bones.

☯ Fourth: 92 joints in the lower extremity
● 2 hip joints.
● 6 joints between the knee bones.
● 6 joints between the ankles.
● 74 joints between the feet bones.

☯ Fifth: 11 joints in the Pelvis
● 4 joints between the coccyx vertebrae.
● 6 joints between the bones acetabulm.
● 1 joint of the pubic sumphysis.

❑ Total number of joints ☞ 360

“Nor does he (Muhammad) say (aught) of (his own) Desire.
It is no less than inspiration sent down to him.” [Qur’an 53:3-4]


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