The Body of the Pharaoh Is The Reason For Dr. Maurice Bucaille Becoming A Muslim


Maurice Bucaille

In 1981 the President of France François Mitterrand requested from Egyptian Government to host mummy of Pharaoh to conduct Archaeological tests and examinations.
At the Plane staircase French President, his ministers and senior French officials were lined up and bend while receiving Pharaoh. When Pharaoh’s royal reception ceremonies on the land of France ended, the mummy carried in parade not less majesty than the reception to a special ward in the French Archaeological centre where the top Surgeons and Autopsies in France start to study the mummy and discovering it’s secrets.
The Chief Surgeon and in charge of the study on this mummy was Professor Maurice Bucaille.

The Therapists were interested in renovating the mummy, while the attention of Dr. Maurice was an attempt to discover how this Pharaoh died, in late hours of the night the final results appeared.

The salt Remnants in his body was the biggest evidence that he died drowning, and his body was extracted from the sea after drowning immediately, Then quickly they carried an Embalming process of the body in order to preserve it. But there was a matter Puzzled him which is How this body remained safer than others mummies although it was extracted from the sea???

Dr. Maurice was Preparing a Final report… Someone whispered in his ear, saying: do not rush Muslims are talking about Paroah’s Sinking From Centuries. But he strongly denounced this news and find it odd, such a discovery Can not be known away of the evolution of modern science and with help of most advance technology.

Someone told him that there is a book called “Qur’an” which they believe it to be the word of God and it tells a story about his drowning and body preservation after that, Dr. Maurice get more astonished and he start questioning… how this happened??? If this mummy been detected only in 1898 before two hundred year ago, while Qur’an is available since 6th/7th Century? How it fit in mind while all mankind, not only Arabs did not know anything about the ancient Egyptians mummification of pharaoh’s corpses before a few decades of time?

Dr.Maurice Bucaille, staring on body of Pharaoh thinking carefully about what his colleague has whispered to him that the Muslim’s Quran speaks about the survival of this body after drowning !!! While the Bible talks about the sinking of Pharaoh in his pursuit of prophet Moses (Peace be upon him) without being subjected to the fate of his body .. And he says to himself: Is it conceivable that his mummy is for Pharaoh, who was chasing Moses? Is it conceivable that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) knows this more than a thousand years ago?

Dr.Maurice was unable to sleep, and asked them to bring him the Torah, He went to read.. Torah saying: water Return and covered the vehicles and all Pharaoh Army Knights who entered the sea behind and no one survived. Dr.Maurice Bucaille remained puzzled.. even the Bible did not talk about the survival of this body and its preservation.

After the Pharaoh’s body was treated and renovated the mummy returned to Egypt, but Dr.Maurice mind and conscience was restless since the shocking news that Muslims knows about this body, He decided to travel to Muslims country and to interview a number of Muslim Scholars about the autopsy. There he made the first talk with them about what he discovered that Pharaoh’s body preservation after Drowning .. So, someone of them opened Qur’an and he read him as Almighty saying:
“This day shall We save thee in the body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come after thee! but verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Signs!” Jonah [10:92]
He deeply influenced by the verse .. And strongly shake that made him stand in front of attendance and shout loudest voice: I have entered Islam and I believe on this Qur’an.

Dr.Maurice Bucaille returned to France in a different condition, than he went with .. There he stayed ten years does not have job but conformity of The newly discovered scientific facts with the Holy Quran, and the search for a single scientific contradiction in Holy Quran, Then he outcome of meaning Holy Quran Speaks:

“No falsehood can approach it from before or behind it: It is sent down by One Full of Wisdom, Worthy of all Praise.” Fussilat [41:42]

The fruit of those years Dr. Maurice spent came out when he authored a book about Qur’an that shook the entire Western States scientists, the title of the book: The Bible, The Qur’an and Science … THE HOLY SCRIPTURES EXAMINED IN THE LIGHT OF MODERN KNOWLEDGE…


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