Nokia’s 41 Mega Pixels Sensor Coming To Lumia



As the rumors on the tech blogs and social sites suggests that Nokia is planning for the Windows Smartphone which will be have this Gaint 41 Mega Pixels Sensor. It will be named as Nokia EOS or Nokia Lumia EOS.

This sensor was a huge surprise to all those who are camera enthusiastic, Nokia simply ended the Mega Pixels Race. This sensor was used in Nokia 808 PureView, the last Symbian Phone from Nokia. Though PureView technology was used in the Nokia Lumia 920, but they didn’t used the 41MP Sensor.
In Lumia 920, the PureView’s low light performance was far more better than 808 PureView. As this Gaint coming to Lumia, is it the end of Point’n’Shoot Cameras? And what about other Windows SmartPhones out there from HTC, SAMSUNG, etc. Though there is a news that HTC is coming up with a similar technology known as UltraPixel.

My Expectations of Nokia Lumia EOS is this:
– Dual Core or Quad Core Processor
– A very powerful GPU
– 5″ 1080p Display, possibly PureMotion and Gorilla Glass 3.
– Interchangeable Lens, Zoomlens, etc.
– It won’t be slim as people expect Lumia to be, the camera sensor is huge.
– Windows 8, 2GB RAM, 16/32GB ROM, 3G, LTE, WIFI, Wireless Charging, etc.
– Aluminum Built.


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