Is the Government telling the truth?



It’s been centuries after centuries, people’s interest never died in recording their data. There were many ways to preserve the Information or Data, some use to memorize it, some use to write it down. Then came our era, we just store it in something which we dont really understand, sad but truth.

In the very beginning, we use to store data in Digital Tapes, then came some similar and smaller types of Digital Tapes like floppies, then came some other storage like Hard Disk, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash Drives, Bluray, etc. And now we have something called as cloud???

We upload our data on cloud based programs Dropbox, Box, iClouds, Google Drive, etc. Thinking that our data is safe and secured and also private. I don’t think so, what I feel is one way or the other the People who wants to control us wants to keep an eye on us. I know there are policies to govern, but who cares, the policies are theirs, the Government is theirs, the rules are theirs, Bla Bla Bla….

The Government know everything about you, it’s a Master Plan on keeping an eye, a Master Plan on Spying Individuals. They Spy you via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Clouds, etc. The more time you spend and these things the more the earn and the more they control you. They know everything about you, they know your Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Number, Social Security, Family, Friends, Hobbies, and the list goes on and on….

Anonymous is far more Secured and Safe then any Government Agencies. For those who do not know who Anonymous is? He is the Ultimate King of Hackers and the Hacking world.

These are clearly my personal views on Clouds and Government Agencies. The Government which I am talking is not of Americans, I am referring to those guys who also rules American Government you know then as FREEMASONS and ILLUMINATIS.


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