Smart Is Getting Smarter



Nowadays people are more enthusiastic about Smartphones and Tablets than Computers. The world has became such that everybody demands Wireless products and services. We don’t know whatelse is going to be innovated in the Future??? There may be Cars that can fly like a plane, swim like a submarine, sail like a ship and it may even teleport. Similarly tomorrow’s Smartphones may be what people are imagining about, the phone can do almost anything.

The world’s most popular operating system ANDROID, is developing very very fast, this can replace Microsoft Windows and Mac. Android Phones and Tablets are almost replacing today’s Computers, people use Android for their Research and Studies, Presentations, Speech, etc. There are android smartphones that has built-in Projector, not worth replacing an actual Projector but tomorrow it may. Even law enforcement are using android and IOS for their work.

The MNC’s of today may not be exist tomorrow, many companies are under loss, Thousands of people are losing their jobs & professions. Very few students get jobs after completing their Degrees, even after getting a job there is not guaranty as to how many days he will be working???

Many people are losing their Jobs, their training is useless, the skills worth nothing, their livelihood is as good as gone, they are nothing. Though technology created new jobs, plenty of new jobs but these jobs are not for those who lost it but for the upcoming generation. And indeed this is the price we have to pay for the development. This reminds me of a old saying: “When there is a gain, it will always comes with a pain”.

If you are a student or your child please note Smart is Getting Smarter, so whenever you think of choosing a career, choose it in a way that it should be valuable after completing the degree, because today it may be a costly and more demanding course or degree, but tomorrow it may not. Just look around your society there are people highly qualified, yet unemployed 😦


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