Nokia Pureview Camera



As Nokia is struggling with it’s phones and market share now nobody is able to consider it’s excellent Imaging Technology PUREVIEW. Samsung is out there with Samsung Galaxy Camera, an innovative idea not an actual Imaging Technology. If Nokia comes with a Nokia PureView Camera with Windows 8 as it’s OS in competition to Samsung Galaxy Camera, then it will definitely make its place in Point’n’Shoot Camera and even in Bridge Cameras.
People want to see Nokia once again on the top, but the company seems to rejecting or neglecting the innovations. If Nokia really wants to achieve it’s old position in SmartPhones it should start from the scratch, it should give people what they demand not what company wants to push. Symbian is a dead OS, nobody likes it, nobody wants it. Nokia is doing it’s best with Microsoft Windows 8 and must stick to it, if possible should also adopt Android.

It’s a message to Nokia and Nokians bring forward what you have “PUREVIEW” in best possible forms possible. A Bridge Camera with Ultra Optical Zoom would be a good start, because Point’n’Shoot Cameras have been already replaced by SmartPhone’s Cameras.


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