Sleeping Dogs



People Say Nobody Make Open-World Games Like Rockstar With Titles Like The GTA Series And Red Dead Redemption And Ubisoft With Titles Like Assassin’s Creed And Hitman, You’d Probably Nodding Your Head In Affirmation. However, There’s A New Kind In Town When It Comes To The Sandbox Genre: SLEEPING DOGS By SQUARE ENIX Before I Get Down To The Details Of The Game, Let’s Just Get One Thing Out Of The Way This Game Is Absolutely Magnificent. Even With The Few Shortcomings It Has, It Still Manages To Be Outright Fun, And That’s Quite An Achievement.

Sleeping Dogs Takes Place In Hong Kong And Focuses On An Undercover Operation To Infiltrate The Triads. The Game Started Development As True Crime: Hong Kong In 2009, The Third Installment And A Reboot Of The True Crime Series. As A Result Of The Game’s High Development Budget And Delays, It Was Canceled By Activision Blizzard In 2011. Six Months Later, It Was Announced That Square Enix Had Picked Up The Publishing Rights To The Game, But The Game Was Renamed Sleeping Dogs In 2012 Since Square Enix Did Not Purchase The True Crime Name Rights.

The Gameplay Is Too Amazingly Great & Fun, You Play As Wei Shen (A Undercover Cop) And A Expert In Martial Arts, So Fighting Makes This More Amazing Than GTA. This Game Is A Combination Of GTA, BATMAN, ASSASSIN’S CREED & WHEELMAN.

The Game Is Fun & Amazing Only Few You Do Not Cheat, The Gameplay Is Easy & The Missions Are Great. The Game Also Have Some Side Mission Which Are Fun To Play.

Free Roam Is Like GTA & Assassin’s Creed Meaning You Can Walk, Run, Fight, Drive, Climb, Jump, Etc.

You Can Fight Like Batman, This Game Features Martial Arts, Along The Gameplay You Will Learn Some Special Martial Arts Skills. The Fighting Style Is Same As Batman Left Click Strike & Right Click Counter.

Driving Is Fun, You Can Play Street Races As You Played In NFS & Wheelman. This Game Features The Ability Of Air-Jacking Vehicles From Wheelman.

Shooting Is Like Max Payne, The Same Slow Motion Style Of Jumping And Shooting Enemies.

My Rating: 9 Of 10


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