Grand Theft Auto 5



This is the games which people are waiting for…
People just don’t want the same and same GTA GAMEPLAY anymore. Rockstar should come up with new features.

If you have played SLEEPING DOGS, you would have noticed there are no differences between it and GTA apart from Martial Arts at large.

Here is the list of Features which people demand:
1: Co-Op Gameplay on both Online and LAN.
2: Martial Arts, Execution Styles, Realistic Blood.
3: Make more Buildings that are Accessible to Enter.
4: There are people who play game for FUN, so adding parachute, jetpack, etc will be well good.
5: People likes to roam within the city, so no more locked streets, all the area should be unlocked or available from the beginning.
6: Add more places wherein we can do stunts, bmx, etc.
7: Adding Teammates will be good and more fun than ever, just like Saint Row The Third.


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