Sony Xperia P Review


Sony Xperia P is amazing on ICS. The battery stamina increased, the performance increased, & what to say I’m enjoying it. The first handset with WHITEMAGIC Technology, which makes the display more brightest than any other handsets so it is more visible in sunlight than its competitors (Non-Amoled Display).

Typing vertically is difficult, I would recommend landscape mode for typing. As for the gamers its a good handset but too low memory & battery stamina. Sony says it haw 16GB Inbuilt and 13GB is accessible, Its a greater lie. Only 11.2GB is actually usable. Camera is great, it has 8MP and can capture 1080p Videos. Images has less noise due to Bravia Engine, and they are too much saturated. Video quality is good 1080p but its shaky, even after stabilising is on. The phone has a amazing style, gives you a premium feelings. Its not like its competitors who gives cheap plastics. Final conclusion: Its good midrange android phone because the hardware quality is superb, gives you dual core 1ghz and 1GB RAM and 4 inch display. It even gives you free 50GB online storage at I would rate it: 8/10

Sony say that it will be having Jelly Bean Update in Q1 2013


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