Nokia Announces Update For Nokia808 PureView


The new Lumia 920 is making ripples in the market with its 8.7 MP auto-focus PureView camera. But when it comes to megapixels, however, it is nowhere close to Nokia’s 808 PureView, which has been proven to be almost as good as a DSLR.

Nokia has released a software upgrade for a more immersive imaging experience. According to this post on the Nokia Conversations blog, the upgrade includes:

  • A new Gallery Grid display when the phone is in landscape.
  • Access to functions such as swipe, zoom, share, edit and send, when images are opened from the Gallery widget on the home screen.
  • Additional information about images such as resolution, ISO value, white balance setting, file size, and (while the user is on Nokia Maps) place where the photo was taken.
  • Multiple select and delete functionality in Gallery Grid Mode.
  • Additional reset button in Creative Mode to undo changes made to the image.

Apart from these imaging features, the upgrade includes an updated browser (version 8.3) with improved HTML5 support, a newer and faster keyboard, and Nokia Car Mode — which allows access to key features of the phone while driving. The upgrade was rolled out on 2nd October globally, but it is not available in some regions. A separate software upgrade has also been announced for the Nokia 603, Nokia 700. and Nokia 701. This includes a faster browser and Nokia Car Mode. For details on how to upgrade your phone, visit the link above.


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