Can we expect Cricket 2013




Its been more then 6 six long years, since the last release of Cricket 07 by EA Sports and Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 by Codemasters.

I am not a Cricket fan, nor do I play Cricket on PC, PS2, XBOX, etc. But I am a fan of FIFA, I play FIFA since childhood.

The country from where I come from INDIA, people are ready to do almost anything for a Cricket match, specially when it is fought between the Traditional Rivals INDIA VS PAKISTAN. I have seen in the Cyber Cafe’s and Games Centers People love to play Cricket especially with this two teams. And when it comes to multiplayer you can’t even imagine what this match is upto.

People are still playing Cricket 07 by EA Sports with the IPL patch available online, yet they hope an official release from the manufacturer.

Can we expect Cricket 2013 from EA Sports or Codemasters or Any or All, In the coming year 2013?


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