Free Masons the companions of Ad-Dajjal


Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation. Founded in late 16th century early 17th century. Now it exists all our the global, infact its members are the core of every democratic country. These are the people who fought in the name of PEACE and brought the so called FREEDOM, and later bought the DEMOCRACY. They are the most richest and most powerful people on the globe today. Their brotherhood is so strong, that any secrets leeks are hardly to be found. Even if somebody tries to leak some secrets, they will be professionally be assassinated and his or her death looks like accident, natural or any other but not as murder. There are many movies which shows these kind of assassinations.

The most important aim of this organization is to destroy all the religions and good morals, and replace them with man-made laws and non religious system. It simple words A SATANIC RELIGION, we commonly know it as NWO (New World Order). It is also printed on US Dollars. Also note this the people who fought for the freedom of America were FREE MASONS be it Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Gerard Ford, James Garfield, Andrew Jackson, etc. It is said they received tge Master Mason Degree. And these are the people who signed UNITED STATES DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENT.

The masons have a symbol which you can see in the picture attached to this article, The Masonic Square and Compass with the letter G in between. There is lot of confusion amongst the people regarding “G”, then don’t know for what it stands for exactly. Some says it stands for GOD, because he is the center of everything. Whereas some says it stands for GEOMETRY, because the world around you is so perfect.
The SQUARE in their symbol refers to the Equality where as COMPASS refers to you being the center and everything starts with you by the limits set by you; it is referring to a circle, when you increase anything from anywhere, it affects the whole circle.

The belief what these free masons have is not new, this same kind of beliefs previous nations (Ummah) had. Their main aim is to have war with god.

This is what was announced by one of them in the Students’ Conference held in 1865 CE in the city of Liege which is considered to be one of the centers of Freemasonry. He said:
Man must prevail over God, and declare war on Him. He should demolish the heavens and tear them like paper.
It says in the Masonic Grand Lodge (1922, p. 98): We will strengthen the freedom of individual thought with all the powers at our disposal, and we will declare war against the real enemy of man, which is religion.
The Masons say that Masonry takes the human soul as its object of worship.
They say:  It is not enough for us to prevail over the religious people and their places of worship, rather our basic goal is to wipe them out of existence.
Minutes of the World Masonic Conference, 1903 CE, p. 102.

They say: Freemasonry will take the place of religion and its Lodges will take the place of places of worship… and there are many other statements which clearly point to the intensity of their enmity towards religion and their uncompromising war on religion.


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