There is no good mobile service provider in India!


My experience with FIVE Mobile Service Providers
1. Airtel
2. Vodafone
4. Tata Docomo
5. Aircel
If it works good; its good, once it starts giving problems than you will be in great loss if you are totally depend upon your mobile phone. Many people prefers second login, whenever you want to login into your email it sends you a SMS with 4-6 digit code, unless and untill you don’t insert the code you cannot login, same applies to your online banking, etc.
Whenever anybody faces a problem they call customer care (121/198). Many customer care executives do these common things to get rid of you.
1. They put you on a very long hold.
2. They give BULLSHIT solutions so that you should disconnect the call. If they disconnect the call then they have to face consequences.
3. They stop talking for a while (without putting u on hold) so that you disconnect.
4. The most common excuse is “SORRY! FOR THE INCONTINENCE”


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